Organic Foods

A sustainable and multi-faceted growth model for Rural India can not be achieved without an active intervention in the Agri & allied activities. It is the biggest revenue source of the villages and also acts as the life support system for the nation, providing food security. Sahaj embarked upon Organic Farming initiative as the value added business for farmers.
Agriculture ministry and multiple NGOs are actively promoting Organic Farming, and we felt a need for a dedicated marketing outfit to promote Organic Food amongst the Urban population. Sahaj is adopting the following initiatives in Organic Foods
1. Create value added products and processed organic foods to promote Organic as a concept
2. Market a range of Organic staples from multiple producers (NGOs / Companies etc) to promote the reach of Organic Foods.
Our range of food includes
• Organic food
o Rice, wheat and Maize
o Pulses
o Sugar, Jagery and Honey
o Herbs and spices
o Teas and coffees
o Dry fruits and nuts
o Processed foods including Pickles, Jams, Concentrates, Pastas and more….
• Organic Manure
• And more…

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