Dairy Farm Consulting & Execution

We provide our customers with end-to-end solution in dairy farming activity. These service include:

1. Feasibility Study – Most critical step – Often ignored – Is your location and expectations in line with the feasibility of a dairy business. We need to know the environmental, market, and raw material variables to even get started on feasibility study

2. Project Planning and Team Identification

3. Cattle Procurement – Will depend on your choice of location

4. Establishing the system parameters and stabilizing operations

5. Regular monitoring services for the operations

We also provide turn-key dairy management services in specific cases, if there is a geographical synergy of your operations with our own operations. We provide models to ¬†appointing Sahaj ¬†as a “Hired Dairy Farm”, before making the larger scale investment.

To know more about “Hired Dairy Farm” concept, please directly contact our CEO’s office us at vigyan@sahajagrofarm.com



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