Farm Fresh Cow Milk

Sahaj is very happy to share our launch of Farm Fresh Cow Milk in Jaipur city.

We can not promise you good health for family, but we can promise you our best effort to make it happen. We bring to you

  • Pure & Fresh Cow Milk at your doorstep
  • State-of-art farm 65 Km from Jaipur
    • Healthy Farm Cows – Best Feed, Hygiene & Health care
    • Machine Milking – No human touch till packaging
  • No added detergent*, urea, water, fat, shampoo, harmone injections


We only bring two key value propositions on a consistent basis

1. No adulteration in milk (water / soda or any preservatives)

2. Pure cow milk

You can visit our farms anytime at Lisaria. If you are a customer it is FREE. If you want to have a picnic, please book with us at

Don’t worry, we will be charging you a fair price to ensure that we keep our promise :) )

Visiting the farm – You can see us by typing 27 23 49.84 N 75 44 10.67 E on

2 Responses to Farm Fresh Cow Milk

  1. V B Agarwal says:

    Please let us know how we can get the milk for our family and rate of the milk.

    • admin says:

      Rate is rs. 34/ltr for Banipark and Vidyadhar Nagar. Delivery charges Rs 1 / ltr.

      We are also available at many Down To Earth stores in Jaipur…

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