Public Infrastructure in Private Homes

We were having a lively discussion with a Sarpanch (village level elected leader of local governing body – Panchayat) about a possibility of installing “Solar Lights” in their village as a part of our CSR activity. To our surprise, Sarpanch declined saying that his village people break / take away such installations. We knew the problem, were surprised at finding a Sarpanch who did not want to waste our money.

However, we did have an option to solve his problem from our own past experience. We have helped some village panchayats in similar manner through a rather different approach. We suggested setting up “Public Infrastructure in private farmer houses”. These panchayats agreed to install the solar lights in different farmer houses in strategic locations. This allowed farmers to get extra light at their homes, while roads get lit. So, in return farmer keeps the light secure in her own home boundaries.

We will appreciate comments and feedbacks on people who might have tried similar or better solutions.


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