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We often attribute Rural India’s poverty to lack of industry, entertainment, education and other services and hence professionals not wanting to stay in Rural India. We keep creating quick-fix un-sustainable solutions like increased economic benefit, regulatory requirement (E.g. Banking), even considering a “low level medical professional degree” to push people to rural India.

We are talking a slightly different approach

Let’s make rural India attractive to the masses and the world

Let’s make rural India rich  and make it the biggest market (production and consumption) in the world

Let’s make Rural India Urban




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Mooo Suggestions – Series 2

In addition to enjoying Liquid Milk, other different interesting ways to add cow milk benefits to your family’s diet:


1. Add Milk to wheat flour in making chappatis. Chapati becomes soft and stays soft even when kept in a box. And you get all milk proteins along with chappati.

2. Add one tea spoon of lime juice in near boiling 1 ltr milk and get fresh paneer (CHenna) in a strainer..

a) Add sugar and fresh pomegranate seeds and eat after cooling it in fridge for 30 minutes

b) Add some salt and black pepper to taste and have with bread toast

c) make paneer by pressing the chenna for sometime and use in vegetables

d) fry it with a spoonful of oil and onions and tomatoes to taste, and fresh “paneer bhurji” sabji is ready in 5 minutes

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Moooo Suggestions

From Sahaj Dairy Farms we bring to you fresh new Moooo suggestions for healthy consumption of milk and milk products

First suggestion…

Always “Boil Milk before


God bless India

Drinking” NO MATTER where you get it from




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New ways of doing old things

We have started a Dairy Farm near Jaipur and are attempting to incorporate good cattle management practices to improve the overall yield of cows and more importantly maintain the quality of end product, Milk.

We will keep sharing more about it in days to come.


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Public Infrastructure in Private Homes

We were having a lively discussion with a Sarpanch (village level elected leader of local governing body – Panchayat) about a possibility of installing “Solar Lights” in their village as a part of our CSR activity. To our surprise, Sarpanch declined saying that his village people break / take away such installations. We knew the problem, were surprised at finding a Sarpanch who did not want to waste our money.

However, we did have an option to solve his problem from our own past experience. We have helped some village panchayats in similar manner through a rather different approach. We suggested setting up “Public Infrastructure in private farmer houses”. These panchayats agreed to install the solar lights in different farmer houses in strategic locations. This allowed farmers to get extra light at their homes, while roads get lit. So, in return farmer keeps the light secure in her own home boundaries.

We will appreciate comments and feedbacks on people who might have tried similar or better solutions.


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Borrowing from the 100 Km principal

Respected Ela behen from Seva Bank has proposed a very interesting and powerful philosophy called “100 Km Principal”. To start with, I was not sure if we as a small company can create a significant economic impact by doing local buying of products / raw materials and services.

Still, we tried to borrow from this principal and implement the hypothesis in our own dairy farm initiative at Village Lisaria, 65 Km from Jaipur. We have made some small steps, and we are happy to share the following observations:

  1. We give most of the construction contracts at the farm to local people and it is working well in most cases. Contractors have opened their bank accounts and are also accepting to make their “PAN CARDs” to allow for proper TDS deduction.
  2. Buying my basic  raw-material from local market instead of from the larger city. Though, we  are still a small buyer, we have been able to push a few local retailers to start accepting net payment against proper bills.
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Welcome to Sahaj Agrofarm

At Sahaj, we started on our journey, into Rural Businesses with a singular objective to tap the most significant resource for rural India to offer, 700 mln+ human resource pool. Over the years we have experimented with multiple businesses to understand the best way to involve rural Human resources into gainful businesses. The core goal for all our business initiatives is to

Connect to more and more rural Indians through Sahaj business activities (Education, Tourism, Farming, handicraft and others) and keep evolving business models to tap these resources for commercial activity.


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